People of Russia love consuming beer. They know all about beer and even brew it at homes. We generally think beer is not good for health while Russians know the good health effects of beer. Here we have focused on a few healing effect of beer.

It Reduces Risk of Heart Disease:

Blood becomes less sticky by the doses of alcohol, and does not allow it to clot. However it is also responsible for increasing good cholesterol and lowering the bad in the body, along with it lowers down the blood pressure as well.

It Helps the Kidneys:

The risk of kidney stones can be reduced by the intake of beer. The hops in beer help in releasing of calcium from the bones. The surplus accumulation of calcium causes kidney stones. Thus high water content clears out those kidneys, making them free from extra deposition of calcium.

It is packed with Nutrition:

It can be said that beer is a surprising source of various nutrients. It has vitamin- B in the form of pantothenic acid, niacin, riboflavin, folate and vitamins B12 and B6. It is also full of silicon, a nutrient that helps to strengthen bones.

It Reduces Risk of Diabetes:

It is however studied that intake of a maximum of two beers a day will help in dropping the risk of growing type 2 diabetes by 25 percent.

It Reduces Risk of Cancer:

If you marinade your meat with beer it will reduce almost 70 percent of carcinogens from your meat. And in the same way if you just drink it, its high loads of antioxidants will keep your heart healthy.

One beer per day enhances the mental growth of people. It can reduce the risk of mental decline by 20 percent. Because as we discussed it thins down the blood and prevent blood clot thus in this way blood can travel to brain easily.