In Moscow and Saint Petersburg you will get lots of famous hairdressers shops in franchising like “Tony & Guy”, “Dessange” and “Mone”.

Hair style is now becoming a part of your make-over. Rather we can say that the personality of  a person can be dignified with a proper hair style. So do not ignore it. Pay some attention on it to enhance your overall beauty. Both man and woman had to take care of their hair.

My haircut experience in Russia:

Recently people experiencing the issue of hair fall. whereas it is a common problem among all the people. It happens due to many reason like contaminated water, pollution, any health condition or any other reasons.

At first you need to deal with the spilt ends of your hair. The damaged ends looks ugly and harm your hair growth. You can go for regular  trimming to keep it in a healthier condition.

I live in Russia. There are lots of Barber shop near Moscow and Saint Petersburg. They are very good at their profession. They have the skill of haircut. They are cheap. What else do you need?

The Haircut Trend:

Recently many cosmetologist are coming to the haircut field. But they are not the barbers. They are the  hair stylist. Though they charge lots of bucks, people find it fashionable. It is trending now a days. But in real since they do not even know the operation of quite some important hair cutting equipment. So the best idea to have a good looking hair cut suitable to your personality can be done only through choosing Barber shop in Moscow. They not only enhances the natural beauty of your hair but also recommend you some treatments to rejuvenate your hair.

Follow their best advice to keep your hair in a good condition. Always use good hair  styling products. Use shampoo and apply conditioner regularly to your damaged hair and follow a regular trimming procedure for your damaged hair.