While going for a trekking to  Khabarovsk, you will get a complete European feel. The adventure of the place attract many tourist from all over the world.

I feel the place is full European in nature and character. Khabarovsk is situated between china and Moscow. It is much closer to Tokyo and Beijing, than it is to Moscow. You will experience the Mediterranean feel in the summer near the Amur River. In winter the temperatures fall to 40 degrees below zero Celsius.
Khabarovsk is full of some incredible wildlife, the Ussuriski Tigers and Amur snow leopards. you can trek to a peak from where you can see the natural boundary between Russia and China.

It is advisable to keep a survival knife on your visit to Khabarovsk.

Carbon steel knife:

The Carbon steel survival knife is generally stronger. It is best suitable for chopping and cutting wood. It can be made extremely sharp also. But it can easily get rusts so care should be taken to avoid rust by wiping down with mineral oil.

Stainless steel knife:

The other category is though much more rust resistant but as more difficult to sharpen and generally less tough than carbon steel. As is has the quality of rust resistance, you can use it in wet environment like water, marshes and swamps.

A survival knife will help you out in various difficult situations when you’re backpacking, camping, or caught in a survival situation. You should have a right survival knife at your possession. In that situation it is something like the difference between shelter and exposure, life and death, food and hunger.

If you see, a survival knife, it is neither a magic tool nor it inherent magical saving powers. All that value is in the skill of the one, who uses it. So make a perfect selection taking all the things together while making a decision for your survival knife. Because it is not a product to decorate, but is a tool that is to be used in the hard core circumstances.

So choose your survival knife wisely!