The historical places in Russia show its architectural talent. Russia consists of some large cities and small town where fabulous buildings are there from ancient times. Each building has its unique feature. Russian church has designed as onion-domed; the famous one is St Basil’s Cathedral on red square. These churches were constructed of stone. There are some amazing places which demonstrate its richness in architecture like the garden and palaces located in peterhof, Moscow Kremlin is a medieval walled city situated on a hill above the Moscow River, the wooden structures of Kizhi Island in Lake Onega.

By looking the tallest buildings in Russia we know about its modern architectural culture as well……

Federation Tower:

As we all know the Federation Tower is a skyscraper’s created complex situated in the International Business Centre at Moscow. This is going to become the tallest building in Europe. The complex composes of two towers. Tower east is a 95-storey structure and tower west is a 65-storey structure. You will find hotel, apartments, suites and offices there.

As per the plan, there will be house restaurants and cafes in three covered sky bridges between the East and West. Now the place is used by people for sightseeing, for sports lovers and for shooting films and videos.

Mercury City Tower:

Mercury City Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Europe. The tower height is 339-metre. This is a multipurpose tower with housing, offices and shops. Mercury City Tower is located in the Moscow International Business Centre.

Eurasia Tower:

Eurasia Tower or Steel Peak is a skyscraper built on the Moscow International Business Centre. The complex has offices, residential apartments and other entertainment facilities. It has been located on a three storied podium which has a fitness centre, restaurants, and shops and entertainment area. The design of the building is a perfect blend of both classical and modern styles.