People at Russia follow the rules and regulations of transportation. They are the most responsible citizen having a clear idea about the documents to be kept while driving a car on the Russian roads. They beleive in making their travel  safe and happy.

Here you are required for presenting the documents like Insurance Policy Document, Accident Agreement, a Valid Driving License as and when demanded.  Thus, all the aforesaid documents are compulsory to carry while travelling a car in Russia.

Below are the documents that are compulsory to carry while travelling in a car in Russia.

Owner log book:

This is a log book in the hands of the owner of the car. It is a document that demonstrates the owner of the vehicle, the plate number of the car along with all other relevant details.

Insurance Policy Document:

The majority of the people know that they carry the insurance policy of the car with them. In case of any sort of traffic accident insurance document is highly necessary. However, it is not strictly compulsory for all journeys.

Accident Agreement:

It is a document stating about the European Accident Agreement. This form is vital in the case of an accident, so all the drivers should fill this form in the event of an accident. This helps to get legal protection of the parties involved in the accident. The form contains the insurance policy number, witness details and detail of the people, then be easily called to testify.

A Valid Driving License:

According to the driving rules of Russia, you should attain minimum ages laid down for residents of Russia. The driver having a foreign driving license should be at or more than the age of 18 years to qualify to drive a motor vehicle in Russia.

Russia also restricts you from wearing Flip-Flops while driving. It has been seen that Radar Detectors are prohibited in Russia. At the time of driving you are not supposed to use a Radar Detector. If you got caught doing the same you might be fined heavily for the offence.