Then we come across the term ‘entrepreneurship’. It is a kind of education which helps the candidate to get an earning. At first, American higher education system took the initiative to introduce an entrepreneurship course to students and to create an educational environment to encourage entrepreneurship. Initially Harvard Business School took the first step in establishing the same in the year of 1947, after that many universities have introduced the entrepreneurship courses for minors or majors.

Russia also introduced the innovative tool to their educational system in order to aspect a better economic stability of the nation with more GDP and more per capita income.


Till today the term competitiveness means remained the same. But only the way to acquire it, has been changed. Now education is the only way to change and improve the social and economic status of a nation.

There survey is done with the intention that how students near to the end of compulsory education can have the benefit of having the knowledge and skills that are vital for full participation in society.

In the recent days economic world competitiveness has become a core force. All the countries and regions are driving and struggling hard to enhance competitiveness. They fight for the competitiveness of the industry segments and individual sectors on the international level.

National growth:

Education gives life blood to the Infrastructure, Financial markets and Macroeconomic stability. Health and primary education is very vital for a nation to grow.  A healthy workforce is important to a country’s competitiveness and productivity.  It will increase the productivity of the nation which leads to prosperity as well. It is education and technology, which helps in innovation. Education helps people to think and behave in a dynamic way. It increases national competitive advantages, based on technology and skills-intensive industries. Skilled people with high efficiency have more Business sophistication which, in turn, leads to increased productivity nation’s competitiveness. Hundreds of econometric surveys demonstrate that most of these conjectures are factual.