Often I asked to me, “How would my life be different if  my coach never encouraged me to play football?”

My Football Experience:

It is the tale when I was in my elementary school, I was very good in sports and athletes. One day my physical education teacher came to me with line coach. He was a really great coach in all the way. Soon I got to know that they are selecting teams for the Friday nights. The the football team. I was selected for the team for the match to play. The coach recommended my name. He is the person who teach and make the team competent, to play and win. He very well taught the proper fundamentals of football to us. He made the tough game football, fun for us. He prepared his team up front to defend our quarterback from every stunt. Now I can realise that he was just a God sender for us.

It was just one month away to start the match. The boys are thinking about their approach to this season. But I cannot forget the lessons in my lifetime those I learnt from him.

The football lessons:

Enthusiasm everyday. He is the person who made my football life simpler and more pleasurable. He had the talent to make us you forget about the classroom challenges and enjoy the opportunity to play football. He always put football as a privilege.

He believes that demonstrating enthusiasm is a more than playing with hard effort. Football is nothing to do with talent. All it needs is desire. Just show them that you care for it and you can you bring it every day. Then the sport will automatically respond you.

Football is all about the team, not the individual. Our coach made it a point of emphasis always that football in a team work. Not a job of individual. So it creates a bonding among the boys to focus on team or group victories, not by thinking about individuals but thinking of the whole at large. He made us sure that the only way to find the success was by working together unitedly.