Reports showing an increasing number of business trips to Canada from Russia is proof of improved alliances and growing commerce between the two countries. This along with President Putin stating that he would like trade relations to improve, albeit not explaining how it should be done. Russian trade has increased steadily in the areas of renewable energy, real estate, and construction.

With over 50,000 Russian-speakers living in Montreal, and being active in the business community, overall statistics for Quebec are still a little sketchy. However, the world turmoil and economic shocks make it look like Quebec is increasingly more likely to attract real estate investment in the near future. This could very well be how Russian entrepreneurs can make business, with a company buying up tracts of low-cost land for the development of condominiums, commercial buildings, and other real estate projects. Land in areas surrounding Montreal is being sold at up to 10 times less in cost than in Vancouver or Paris. Plus, Canada is the fourth-easiest country in the world to start a business in, and the second-best country to live in.

How Russians entrepreneurs can make business in Canada

This process has been made much easier by the relaxed immigration requirements should Russian nationals be flying into the country. Travel and tourism are being actively promoted by the introduction of Canada ESTA, an online application for entry into Canada which is completed within minutes. The travel authorization is approved or declined in a short space of time, with more complicated applications taking a little while longer.

The Canadian government websites offer assistance in all aspects of immigration, from the e-visa to Canada, to the many facets of setting up companies and start-ups, gaining employment, hiring employees, employment standards to health and safety legislation, regulations, legalities, tax law, financial help and even how to write a business plan. The cherry on the top is that there is a section written in Russian.

This could very well be how Russians entrepreneurs can make business

Help is offered to entrepreneurs, who can visit the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service in Russia. Support will be given to exporters including finding the right partner, establishing a presence and sourcing technology, along with developing an international business plan and identifying markets.

Specialist companies within Canada also offer solutions to helping foreign business owners set up and run companies. They specialize in Canadian business law and aiding in obtaining temporary employment along with helping Russian entrepreneurs and their families in relation to settling in the country.

CERBA, an organization which promotes bilateral business between the two countries, supports its membership with B2B meetings, market intelligence, international conferences, and trade missions. This along with being an advocate for business to governments of Canada and Russia. The seven network chapters are located in Moscow, Almaty, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal.