I saw the Russians leaving their native are not really happy. So in my personal view we should do the things in which we are comfortable. No matters how much success you have earned but every day you will lead a frustrated life if at all you ignore your inner happiness.

Go with the flow:

So make your life smooth. Do what you really want to do. It will affect your personality in a better way. When you are contented from your heart you will be able to think through problems, analysing them down, then solving them one step at a time, distinctly figuring things out, then finding creative new ways to approach a challenge, and putting the pieces back together as well trying again and again. These are the life lessons. Following the tips you will the happiest man on the planet.  You can live your life to the fullest.

Trust me…You can feel the music of the life each day.

Find the Happiness of life:

Yes, there is a vast difference between wanting, needing and loving. Sometime we get confused with the terms like, want, need and love and got stuck in life. We are unable to make a decision right there. But, dear friends, my suggestion is to go with the flow of life and do what your heart wants. Do not think much about ethics and moral. Do not get your mind dominant your heart. Love is not logical. Do not try to make out the reasons.  Especially when it is the question of your native, your motherland, your own Russia! It’s a feeling which can change from want to need and from the need to love.

A need may become a want and a want may become a need at any time. Need is something like oxygen, which is necessary for life like anything. But you won’t really desire for it. Nevertheless, you have to have it. That is what called need for something. There are even circumstances where you need becomes you want. Like while you are drowning, your ultimate need for oxygen will change to your want.