Before entering into any of the real estate contracts in Russia, be sure that your agent is knowledgeable. He should be an English speaking person. You can ask as many questions to make you satisfied. Finding a good agent is the most important to you when buying a home for the first time.

How to select a good real estate agent:

Good Real Estate Agent spends very little time at their desks. So consider meeting agents out in their working environment and not in their offices if you really want a good deal for your property.

I found Savils are the best Good Real Estate Agent on whom one can trust well.

To be on the safer side of the deal ensure that the agent has closed many properties with a good working experience in the niche for a few years at least.

Check points:

It is better to go with a known real estate agent, if at all, your friend or relative worked with them. Check out whether the agent has satisfied his old clients with good outcomes. So there is a chance they will do the same for you.

Always ensure your agent should online for most of the time. Choose a web savvy agent for your real estate deal. It has many benefits. Firstly, you can contact your agent and get the help whenever needed. A real estate agent in the recent era, needs to text, email and be available to buyers and sellers all the time. They should be connected to online mobile technology or laptops to render better services.

Select the best suitable Real Estate Agent after ensuring all the checkpoints. Interview several agents. Find the best pick as per your own requirement. Do not trust anyone without seeing the documents and required evidence.

Once, after selecting the agent the first thing you consider is to sign a buyers agreement after physically verifying the property.