The attractions at French Riviera are the best places to roam around. You can plan your holidays for a great experience. Just investigate a little and plan travel through the country. There are many alternatives to arrange a trip on a budget.

The main attraction at French Riviera which you should not miss is Antibes, a busy little town famous for most expensive superyachts. The Cannes, full of natural beauty and blue gorgeous beaches. You can enjoy the sandy beach, luxurious hotel and can take nice sunbath there. St Tropez is famous for lively night scene and super high-class restaurants. This small town is the most iconic of your selection. You will find most celebrities roaming at this places. Just go to for more detail information.

The all you need to do is to follow some tips while you are traveling to the place. The city is expensive. But while you are on a trip you can plan for cheap food there in order to save money.

While you are in traveling to French Riviera always prefer to have their local food. The Western food will cost you three times more than the local stuff. Eating in small French restaurants can save your money. You can also have street foods. They are cheap. You can order some cheap French meals as well. You can get good real estate French Riviera deals if you want to buy a property here.

Food: Food at the beach side is always costly. So avoid eating at the sight. Rather, it is a good idea to eat more into the towns and away from the beach. Do not always buy small water bottles. You will get water refill machine on the roadside to pour bottles. That will cost you less.

Accommodation: you can get cheap accommodation at French Riviera, if at all you are not taking a room near the beach or at the heart of the town. They may be expensive. You can refer to a guide book for the best information. Ask for more affordable rooms available at the location. See the safety and cleanliness before taking the room. You can negotiate the room for prices. The room may not be furnished with all the facilities. Sometimes people share the room with other to cut down their expenses.

Transportation: Do not always take a taxi to roam around. They run in meter and often charge a flat rate in heavily tourist areas. Always go for the buses and public transport. You will find tremendous fun in French Riviera tour.