Take a break from your hectic monotonous working life and do something different. Plan a holiday in Russia with your family. It is a great place full of amazing townships, river and hill stations.

Sometimes change in environment can reduce your stress level.

You can do shopping, enjoy the natural beauty or can experience the adventure. Try something different from your regular schedule life. This will fill you with a fresh force.

Also you can try walking, yoga or even dancing to reduce your Stress level.

Other alternative ideas: 

Walking: Firstly it is the walking which gives a full-fledged workout to your body. Walking has several health benefits. It help you in controlling your stress level. Along with following the natural way of walking you can also use the exercising equipment such as treadmill, for cardio exercises. If there is any sidewalk or park you can go there to walk. You can also make it a family affair as walking is good for your children also.

Yoga: The second option is yoga. It increases your concentration level of mind and reduces your stress. You will enjoy peace and your body will be supplied with proper flow of pure blood. It is a great physical activity with a tremendous process of stress reliever. So don’t worry and never think as if you are not flexible and cannot do with the same. Just try once to learn the basic and you can do the things in your free time.

Dancing: The next alternate is dancing, which is the funniest way to achieve the fitness goals. Definitely it reduces your anxiety and worry. You can practice dance in the privacy of your living room, or can go to a club and enjoy your dancing there. There is lots of variety of dances available. You can join in any dance courses of your choice like ballroom dancing, salsa, meringue etc. It will help you in learning the art as well as giving you the benefits of the workout.