People have a general conception that red wine is rich in heart-friendly antioxidants, however it is true but do you know that what your favourite beer can do. It is rather healthier than you could ever realise. It can help you in lowering down the risk of a few great diseases associated with heart such as strokes and other Cardio problem. It also reduces the risk of gallstones and kidney stones.

Brew your own Beer:

Some people enjoy brewing beer. If you go for brewing your own beer at home, it will be cheaper for you than to purchase your beer from the market. But apart from the cost concern a few people find fun in brewing their drink. So let’s have a look how it is done.

Process of brewing beer:

The Russian process of brewing beer is quite simple and as follows-

  • Soak the Malted barley in hot water and allow it to release the malt sugars.
  • Now boil the malt sugar syrup with Hops for seasoning.
  • Cool the solution and add yeast to start fermentation.
  • Thus the yeast ferments the sugars, discharge CO2 and ethyl alcohol.
  • After the completion of the main fermentation, the beer can be bottled with a pinch of added sugar to provide the carbonation.

So drinking beer has no hazards to your health if consumed in proper doses, rather it has some more benefits and much healthier for your body.

Of course beer is also an alcohol drink and can take its toll on your health if taken in overdoses. So it is quite necessary to know about the proper doses of the same for gaining a greater health benefit with the status of the drink. The permissible limit of consumption of beer per day for men is about 710 ml while for women it is reduced to 355 ml.