Generally, we think people are blessed with the power of emotion and intelligence from the almighty.  Of course it is right. That is the reason why all the students of the same class does not score in a same manner. But at the same time it is also true that the emotional power of intelligence can be enhanced through putting a little effort from your side.

You will get peace when you do good work for others. It boosts up your self esteem and your character become more distinct. This will enhance your intellect level. Through this you can very well reduce your stress level and can improve your brain functioning.The native love is thus help you to become a good person in life.

My native Yekaterinburg:

I am an Russian. I belong to the city Yekaterinburg. It is the fourth-largest city in Russia. Yekaterinburg is located on the border of Europe and Asia.

Its my love for my native Yekaterinburg which enhance my level of patience and tolerance.

Then you will come to know what is your dream Russia.

Now I am dreaming about Russia and really want to spend the rest of my life there. But my social commitments do not allow me to do so.

However, there are ways to deal with the issue. Following the tips you will definitely feel happy.

Be in contact with your native. Do regular visit to Russia. This will satisfy your heart and you can also enjoy the love for your motherland rather than making your current life frustrated. Read the articles about Russia. Keep yourself updated with all the news regarding Yekaterinburg . Help your Yekaterinburg whenever you get an opportunity to do.

I love my native Yekaterinburg. Our country is like our mother… Believe me it will help you a lot.