Want and need, can really be different. However, in certain situations it sounds quite similar. Then come, the love. Love is when you want what you need and you need all what you want. 

Love for St. Petersburg:

People who are far from their motherland is not at all happy from their heart; however, it may be what they want or need. May be they are forced to do that because of the job-career, earning or education. Their heart still wishes for their native, their Russia. That is the love for the place. Success, money, reputation and status… all these are temporary. These aspects will never fill your inner satisfaction. The actual happiness you will get when you get back to St. Petersburg, where you are born and reared up.

Live your life to the fullest:

Love for motherland has the magical feelings of happiness and bliss for everyone. It should not come to a deal.  If you are considering your love due to any other reason, like job, career or education, then it will be called as a compromise rather than love. It is better to come out of the affair if you do not have insatiable want it. Sometimes we continue with a circumstance, even we won’t really happy with it. It’s just because we are accustomed to it. Rather, it can be called as just a lazy dependency.

So friends, my sincere advice to you is, do not settle for less in the life. We are blessed with one life and try to make the most of it. Think a bit about it. Just wait for the right time and do what your heart searching for.

It is truly said that, some things are, better late than never. So do not afraid to leave your comfort zone in search of the real happiness of life you really want and deserve. Find your best way, the sense of familiarity, the assurance level and the safe feeling, that comes only and only with St. Petersburg.