I am very fond of gardening. I usually start my container garden with all the future hopes from seeds.

My Experience:

It gives me a pleasure while each morning I wake up and check out the pots, observing whether the very first seedlings popping up through the earth. No one can measure my excitement, while I see the seedling turning into a real plant and so the real plant into herbs. It is duly fertilized each with an utmost care with compost tea. No doubt the period between the seedlings becoming a plant includes a great deal of pain, care and effort. Though a bit impatient, but it is the most excited moment of each new sign of success. So cultivating even a small garden is not so much different from developing our individuality, our careers, our living standard, national status, economic and social stability and international competitiveness at large. No doubt we need to work hard to get all those things, but a country with the educational level of the population can uplift its national status in the international competitive market.

Russian Culture:

Russia, the world’s largest nation has a good economic and social stability. This is something equally significant for a country . We cannot overlook it. If today we concentrate on the matter and take it seriously, then the next generation will be good enough. The next generation is nothing but our future nation. Life is a journey where we can learn, learn and learn till the end. But the learning will not come to an end. So is development. There is no limit to that.

For the real development of the nation, it will need active cultivation, personal effort and your inner urge to improvise. The seeds you sow today could reap the rewards for you in a future upcoming date. Plant your trees with all your hopes, let them flourish with the best care and effort and watch them with anticipation.